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A coffee shop is a common choice for a quick snack or drink for many people. Be it for a relaxing cup of coffee or tea after a long day at work, or to rest a bit while having a chat with friends, in Ledbury there is one particular café which is definitely worth a try! This is the Potting Shed Tea Room, a café with a difference. You might be asking what makes this Ledbury café better than others. For starters there is probably no café as gorgeously decorated and as beautifully situated. The Potting Shed Tea Room is in the lovely surroundings of the Radway Bridge garden centre. It is just where many customers like to go after they have gone through the thousands of products in the garden centre. Certainly, a cup of tea or coffee smells and tastes divinely after a shopping spree. For those who prefer beer or wine, you will be pleased to note that at this Ledbury café there are many local beers and wines available too.

The Potting Shed Tea Room

Besides the beverages, there are many food items to choose from, depending on how hungry you are. You are surely going to find whatever you fancy, be it meat, vegetables, pies or lasagne. And of course there are several desserts too.

The Potting Shed Tea Room in the Radway Bridge Garden Centre is run by Lilla and Jenny, who are both very experienced and dedicated. No wonder this Ledbury Café is visited by many so often and regularly. The coffee shop and restaurant is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, although reservations are often recommended in order to avoid disappointment. Feel free to contact either Lilla or Jenny anytime so as to book your table for that special occasion to be all the more memorable.


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