Top 10 gardening tips for July

Top 10 gardening tips for July

July means holidays, long days and (hopefully) sunny weather, giving you a chance to really enjoy your garden. In between watering, weeding and deadheading to keep everything looking its best, don’t forget to take some time to relax!

Chris Whitelock, resident plant expert at Radway Bridge Garden Centre, shares his Top Gardening Tips for July.

Top 10 gardening tips for July

  1. Sow wallflowers,foxgloves and other biennials for flowering next summer

  2. Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well watered in dry weather

  3. Cut hardy geraniums back hard when they start to look leggy and tired, and they will produce a flush of fresh new foliage and flowers.

  4. Summer prune Wisteria to restrict vigour and promote flowering next year

  5. Remove the side shoots from cordon tomatoes

  6. Sow salad crops such as radish and spring onions continuously to get regular harvests

Watering tomato plants

  1. Water tomatoes regularly, especially container-grown tomatoes. Keeping the moisture level in the soil consistent reduces the risk of fruit splitting.

  2. Keep and eye out for pests and diseases, particularly aphids and control accordingl

  3. Protect soft fruits such as strawberries and raspberries from birds using netting.

  4. Mow the lawn regularly, raising the blades to a higher setting if the weather is dry. 

Whether it’s plants to fill the border or garden furniture for a party, you’ll find everything you need at Radway Bridge Garden Centre to help you get the best out of your garden this summer!