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Arthur Bowers John Innes
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Plant of the Week: Primrose

Plant of the Week: Primrose

This diminutive little trooper gets its name from the Latin for ‘first to flower’ – and every year the first primroses to unfurl deliver their message that spring is just around the corner.

Wild primroses – Primula vulgaris – are expert at colonising wild patches on banks and under hedges and a must-have in wildlife gardens for their early nectar. But the primrose family also offers vibrant colours from orange to red and magenta: bedding primroses and multi-flowered polyanthus are brilliant at filling pots and baskets with cheerfulness at this time of year. Try partnering them with snowdrops, crocuses and early-flowering narcissi like ‘February Gold’ for a real early spring pick-me-up.

Super-early strawberries

Pop a glass or polythene cloche over a row of strawberry plants now to trap the early-spring sunshine so they produce super-early crops. An early variety like 'Honeoye' starts flowering soonest under these conditions