Outdoor Plants in Hereford

Lots of people are looking for pretty outdoor plants to decorate their gardens with. For those people, Radway Bridge Garden Centre has an array of different outdoor plants to choose from. For instance, ornamental grasses are very popular among gardeners, because of their elegant and modern looks. For people with less available space for their plants, or garden owners that like variety among their plants, annual plants are definitely the right choice. These plants have a lifespan of only one year, are usually small and more often than not produce the most gorgeous flowers. Are you looking for the best outdoor plants near you, and are you resident in Hereford or the surrounding area? Stop by Radway Bridge Garden Centre and enjoy our gorgeous outdoor plants!

All kinds of outdoor plants around Hereford

Outdoor plants come in many shapes, sizes and species. This often makes it hard to decide on what kind of plants to fill your garden with. Visiting Radway Bridge Garden Centre near Hereford and getting professional help from our staff can be very useful when struggling with this problem. Radway Bridge offers a plethora of outdoor plants to choose from, including but not limited to:

  • Flower bulbs and seeds: these will provide your yard with a nice pop of colour!
  • Fruit trees and bushes: there’s nothing more fun than picking your homegrown fruits from your own backyard!
  • All kinds of ornamental grass, for a subtle and elegant addition to your garden.
  • Bedding plants: ideal for anyone that loves pretty flowers, as well as the perfect pick for pots and planters.
  • And much more!

Where to buy artificial outdoor plants in Hereford

Do you live close to Hereford and are you looking for the perfect location to get your (artificial) outdoor plants from? Then look no further! Radway Bridge Garden Centre is the best place when it comes to buying outdoor plants. With its astoundingly wide range of plants to choose from, there is certainly no better place to go. Not only that, but visiting Radway Bridge Garden Centre includes enjoying all kinds of fun extras, such as an in house coffee shop, a firework shop, an elaborate pet shop and even an antique shop. Our staff is always on call to help you with any questions or concerns. Be sure to visit Radway Bridge Garden Centre today!

 The best plant nursery near Hereford

For the prettiest outdoor plants, but also Weber BBQs and Garden Furniture, you come and visit Radway Bridge Garden Centre. Radway Bridge has the best gardening products assortment in Hereford and the surrounding area. Come by the store to enjoy the entire collection, or make sure to get in touch with our staff. Our garden centre is opened seven days a week. Any questions or concerns will be handled professionally. Hopefully, we may welcome you to Radway Bridge Garden Centre!