How to care for your Real Christmas Tree


  1. Choose your perfect tree from our large selection here at Radway Bridge.
  2. Take the tree out of the netting when you get home and allow to stand in the garden to allow the branches to come down and settle. You can also do this in position inside if you need to.
  3. Cut about 1 inch off the bottom off the trunk of your tree. This aids the tree in absorbing water to keep it fresh.
  4. Make sure your tree is secure in its stand! You do not want to be clearing up all the smashed decorations.
  5. Once the tree is up and secure make sure it has plenty of water in the base. Ensure you keep it very well watered whilst in the home.
  6. Do not let the tree dry out! Keep it away from radiators and open fires where possible. Always make sure the base has plenty of water in it. This should help your tree last until after Christmas.
  7. Finally, book our Christmas tree disposal service in conjunction with St Michaels hospice.

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