Top Tips for September

Top Tips for September

As September arrives, the garden starts to glow with rich colour, and late-flowering plants look stunning in the soft autumn light. With fruit and veg to harvest and plans to be made for spring, there’s no shortage of jobs to do, and here are our top 8 gardening jobs for September

Chris Whitelock, resident plant expert at Radway Bridge Garden Centre, shares his top gardening tips for September.

September Jobs

  1. Now’s the time to do lawn maintenance. Scarify, aerate and feed your lawn, using an autumn lawn feed high in potassium which will help to harden the grass before winter.
  2. Plant pansies and violas for autumn to spring colour
  3. Start planting spring bulbs like hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses. Wait until November to plant tulips, as the colder temperatures reduce the risk of the bulbs being affected by viruses like tulip fire.
  4. Plant prepared hyacinths in bowls for flowering indoors in winter
  5. Cut back and divide perennials as they start to fade, remembering to leave a few hollow stems standing to provide homes for insects over winter.
  6. It’s a fruit bonanza in the orchard this month! Plums, pears, apples, blackberries and autumn raspberries are all ready to harvest now.
  7. Prune summer raspberries, cutting down the fruited canes to ground level. Tie in this year’s new growth to support – these stems will bear next year’s fruit.
  8. Plant autumn-planting onion and garlic sets for an earlier crop next year. Plan for spring by sowing spinach and spring onions, and covering the seedlings with fleece to protect them against frost.

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