Phygelius - The Cape Fig

Phygelius  - The Cape Fig

Phygelius capensis and related hybrids are commonly known as the cape figworts. Heralding from South Africa, these showy plants produce spikes of nodding flowers during summer and are bound to be the focal point of a border. Resembling Fuchsias, the nodding flowers come in a variety of dazzling colours from deep red, orange, yellow and white. The plants prefer a sunny spot and are at home in borders or patio containers. 

Phygelius are small evergreen shrubs and make vigorous growth. In cold winters the stems can be killed by the weather but they will make new growth from the base in spring. Even after mild winters, it is a good idea to cut the plants back very hard, almost to ground level to encourage new growth that will carry the flowers. Unpruned, the plants tend to become rather leggy.

Phygelius is remarkably pest and disease free and requires no feeding when grown in soil. If grown in containers, an occasional high potassium feed such a tomato food will keep the plants healthy and flowering profusely.