Automatic garden lighting

Once you've installed your garden lighting, make life easier for yourself by connecting it to an automatic system which turns it on and off for you, so you never forget to turn your lights on – or off at the end of the evening. Automating your system also helps save energy by dimming the lights when full power is not needed, or turning lights off when nobody is in the garden in Hereford.

All the garden lighting you'll find in our garden centre can be automated so it's controlled from a hand-held remote, key fob, or programmable remote console, switching lights on at a time you choose and switching off again, too. You can even control your lighting choices from a smartphone via an app.

Alternatively, PIR (passive infrared, or movement detecting) sensors turn lights on only when someone walks by – perfect for garden path lights. You can also programme the sensors to come on at dusk and go off at dawn. An outdoor PIR unit is wireless, with a range of about 25 metres, and many have variable light settings.

Please ask the staff in our Hereford garden centre for more information and advice about automating your garden lighting.

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