Flowers for a bride

Whether it's the bridal bouquet or a blizzard of petals scattered over the happy couple, a wedding just has to have flowers.

Seasonal flowers make that special link with the time of year, and you'll find a great selection in our garden centre in Hereford. Match them with the all-important colour scheme using our quick guide:

Spring weddings:
Whites/greens: lily of the valley, spiraea, snowy mespilus blossom
Blues/purples: iris, lilac, Siberian squill
Yellows/oranges: narcissus, ranunculus, Tulipa tarda
Pinks/purples: cherry blossom, snapdragons, tulips

Summer weddings:
Whites/greens: gardenias, lilies, daisies
Blues/purples: hydrangeas, delphiniums, agapanthus
Yellows/oranges: honeysuckle, sunflowers, roses
Pinks/purples: fuchsias, peonies, roses

Autumn weddings:
Whites/greens: ivy, eucalyptus, gladioli
Blues/purples: dahlias, sedum, asters
Yellows/oranges: sunflowers, crocosmia, solidago
Pinks/reds: heather, hydrangeas, amaryllis

Winter weddings:
Whites/greens: Anemone 'Honorine Jobert', jasmine, calla lily
Blues/purples: African violets, grape hyacinths, Iris reticulata
Yellows/oranges: early daffodils, mahonia, Cornus mas
Pinks/reds: amaryllis, tulips, holly berries

Add some quirky touches of your own, too; in our garden centre we have natural accessories to turn wedding flowers into talking points. Citrus, pinecones and shells woven among coloured stems and berries make beautiful and original arrangements: just set your imagination free.

Please ask the staff in our Hereford garden centre for more information and advice about choosing flowers for a wedding.

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