A glass act

Once you start gardening, it won't be long before you covet a greenhouse. They transform what you can grow: everything from exotic orchids to tomatoes, tender passionflowers and chillies all become possible. And it is lovely to garden out of the rain for a change.

Choose from the great range in our garden centre in Hereford: here's a guide to the most popular.

Timber: Pressure treated pine or cedarwood greenhouses are said to be slightly warmer in winter, and they're very good-looking so make beautiful garden features. Paint with preservative, available in our garden centre, every couple of years.

Aluminium: the economical choice, requiring no maintenance. As well as standard silver they come with dark green coatings, to blend into the garden better. Decorative finishes include finials or ridge decorations.

Mini greenhouses: the ideal choice if space is limited, you can pick up a mini-greenhouse off the shelf in our garden centre as it's simplicity itself to pop one up against a wall, then take down and store away when you've finished with it. The ultimate in convenience greenhouse gardening.

Please ask the staff in our Hereford garden centre for more information and advice about choosing a greenhouse for your garden.

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