A One-Stop- Christmas Shop!

A One-Stop- Christmas Shop!

Visit Radway `Bridge Garden Centre - The one-stop-shop for all your Christmas needs!


Christmas Decor

When it comes to Christmas decor, a few classic styles work well every year, and some new trends can give a modern twist to the traditional look. 


  • Traditional: The traditional style combines classic colours of red, green, and gold and incorporates popular symbols of the season, like the Christmas tree, wreaths, and holly. This style works well for families who love traditional celebrations and can be incorporated in various ways. You can place a wreath on your door, hang some stockings on the mantel, and add some tinsel to your tree.
  • Rustic: The rustic style emphasises natural materials and tones. It features wood, fabrics, and natural fibres and is perfect to create a cosy, cabin-like atmosphere. You can use wooden ornaments for your Christmas tree, add pine cones to your garland, and light up some candles for extra warmth.
  • Minimalist: A minimalist approach is perfect for those who want a simple and clean look. This style features neutral colours and fewer decorations for a subtle yet elegant appearance. You can use white lights for your tree, hang simple ornaments, and add fresh greenery to the mix.
  • Glamorous: The glamorous style features metallic colours of silver, gold, and bronze, adding some sparkle to your decor. It works well for those who love to host grand parties and want to create an elegant atmosphere. You can add glittering mini trees, gold-coloured ornaments, and twinkling lights to your decorations.

Regardless of your style, we have a vast range of Christmas decor in-store. A visit will inspire you to create your 'best Christmas ever' look for 2023. 

If you cannot reach us, don't worry - we also have a good range online.




Christmas Trees

For many, artificial trees offer a sustainable and practical solution for the essential Festive focal point. The new generation of artificial trees is botanically accurate, providing stunning visual impact. Low maintenance and hassle-free to install, a suitable tree can be found to fit any balcony or indoor space. For some, an artificial tree is more than just an aesthetic choice. It can be an essential health choice, with no allergen-sensitising pollens to worry about. When the festive season is over, it is a quick take-down and store before it is brought out year after year, the focal point of the Christmas home decor. So, whilst the initial outlay is higher than a natural fir or spruce, its longevity makes the value-for-money choice for many.

No matter if you are looking for pre-lit, frosted or multi-coloured. We have trees to suit all tastes and pockets.

You can see a range of trees on display  in-store - alternatively shop online for our full collection.



Gift Shop

Every individual is unique, and their gifts should reflect that. We have carefully assembled various gift options to delight family and friends, whatever their age or interests.For the fashion-forward, we have stylish handbags and luxurious scarves. Those passionate about home decor will find an array of tasteful ornaments, fragrant candles, and eye-catching artwork. Plus, it has a heady collection of delightful bathing and pamper products. All in-store, some of these collections can also be found online. We have a range of books to enjoy for the historian, gardener or bookworm. And for the kids, we have some great toys and readers. Furthermore, we have a section dedicated to personalised gifts, allowing you to add that extra thoughtfulness to your present!So avoid the traffic and reduce the walking! Visit us today and browse our giftware selection, enjoy a relaxing way to shop and discover gifts that all the family will appreciate.



Food Hall 

Our long tradition of championing our iconic local producers ensures that their incredible lines are represented on our shelves at Christmas. We all appreciate how fortunate we are to live in an area known worldwide for quality food and drink, and we love celebrating this fact! As a result, a visit to our food hall will make your Christmas Table irresistible to all family and visitors.

Celebrated local producers found in our Food Hall include:

  • Penrhos Spirits
  • Westons Cider
  • Wye Valley Brewery
  • Tanners Wines
  • Brambles Foods
  • Franks Luxury Biscuits
  • Two Farmers

Plus many more! 

Whether you are looking for Home Decor, Giftware, Christmas Trees or Festive Foods, our Christmas 'One-Stop-Shop' is the place to enjoy browsing, making sure Christmas 2023 will be as close to perfect as possible! And remember to treat yourself to one of the legendary home bakes and a barista coffee or speciality tea in our onsite Mulberry Cafe.