Spring-flowering garden plants

Spring-flowering garden plants

Enjoying spring-flowering garden plants is one of the great joys of springtime. When there is suddenly lots of colour in the garden, it can really lift everyone's mood after a long winter. As bulbs pop up through the earth and those recognisable spring flowers start to bloom, the weather begins to warm, and seeds begin to emerge. Blossoms on the trees fill the air with fragrance as hedgerows begin to turn green and birds busily start finding nesting places and provide us with morning bird songs. There are so many spring-flowering plants for the garden, so we have picked out some of our favourites for you to ensure you have a colourful spring. 

Spring-flowering flower bulbs 

Spring wouldn't be the same without flower bulbs. Have you planted your spring bulbs last autumn? In case you didn't, we've got your back. Visit our garden centre for bright spring-flowering bulbs such as:

  • Daffodils,
  • Tulips,
  • Muscari,
  • Hyacinth,
  • Crocus.

There are so many beautiful colours of spring and many different varieties. Spring flowering bulbs are planted in autumn and will flower the following year. Choose from bright yellow to white and even pink Daffodils and hundreds of different colours and varieties of Tulips from parrot to Darwin, and you'll have a stunning spring garden. Hyacinths bring the fragrance and Crocus the delicate beauty of early spring. A mix of them will provide you with cut flowers for a spring vase. 

Alternative bulbs for spring flowering garden plants 

  1. While Anemones are well known, they don't tend to be top of the spring bulb list, but we think they should be! From the most stunning purple colours to bright red, they give a tremendous pop in the garden.
  2. Ranunculus, with its many layers of petals in late spring/early summer, is great as a cut flower and is available in many colours.
  3. Fritillaria imperialis provides a tropical look in the garden with bright orange or yellow flowers.
  4. Scilla takes your spring garden to another level with its rich blue carpeting of the borders. 

Perennial spring-flowering garden plants 

Many perennials brighten up the garden during spring, from the pink and purple flowers of Pulmonaria to brightly coloured Erysimum attracting early bees, not forgetting wildflowers such as Red Dead Nettle and Dandelion too. Perennials will live on for many years. If you plant them in the garden, please check if your conditions are suitable for the perennial. Whether you have a shady spot or a full sun border, we have a proper spring perennial for you!

Spring-flowering trees 

Spring blossom is a sight to behold. There is something so uplifting about seeing trees full of white and pink blossoms. Cherry blossom and Crab Apple are well-recognised blossoms, and soon edible buds will form on native Hawthorns as well. Put some into a salad for a delicate coconut flavour but leave plenty on the tree! Magnolia trees also grace gardens during spring and always bring a spring smile to a gardener's face. 

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