Tiling talent

Tiles are an unusual but very beautiful choice for paths, terraces and seating areas in a garden, especially in small city courtyard gardens. A good trick is to take the same tiles you use inside the house out into the garden, making your outside space an extension of your home.

In our garden centre you'll find a range of tiles to choose from: try warm terracotta quarry tiles for a hint of the Mediterranean, or blue-and-white ceramic to recreate the cool peace of an Islamic garden.

Select non-porous tiles designed to be used outdoors, and work out in advance how many you'll need for the space, remembering to factor in a 1cm grouting gap. It may help to 'dry lay' your tiles before you begin, especially if you're planning to lay coloured patterns.

If you're competent at DIY it's straightforward to lay tiles yourself on a 2cm deep screed (mixed 1 part cement to three parts sand). Seal the tiles afterwards to protect them from weather and staining: you may need to re-apply the sealant every few years to keep your terrace looking good.

Please ask the staff in our Hereford garden centre for more information and advice about how to use tiling to enhance your garden.

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